Friday, February 20, 2009

Fickle Love

Beautifying the world with her bloom
Proud like a queen this glorious flower
Behind her petals resides her gloom
As she awaits the love of her lover

Her bee will cuddle with her when he can
Till then she must wait withering in pain
Nothing more cherished than the love of her man
Not the most golden sunshine, nor the sweetest rain

The love she pines not hers to claim
Her king remains to his queen a slave
She begs and pleads, all in vain
He must return to the hive he craves

Her love requited yet incomplete
She breaks her holy love's decree
With remorse her jilted heart replete
She makes love to another bee

- Himanshu

Sunday, January 18, 2009

King Bruce and The Spider - A Spoof

The spider jumped and tried to cling
On a precipice out of its reach
A lesson to Bruce it had to teach
No vigour, nor will, did any closer bring
The cliff that eluded the spider's fling
But it tried harder for it had to preach
Till the bruises drew blood like a leech
And it lay in death for its pursuing
Oh poor little one! If you'd only quit
And settled on a goal you could've achieved
No grandeur in gallantry without wit
I and the world sit here bereaved
Trying till you succeed sounds all nice
But knowing when to stop... is as highly prized

Friday, September 19, 2008

Soul Searching

Soul searching
How deep do I have to go
It's hurting
Not being able to know

I seek answers for questions that don't make sense
A treasure that lies in a legend and nowhere else
Something that I had never sought before
Has become an obsession that though I deplore
I have to find to be able to live
A purpose to self that I have to give
The purpose whose abscence was never felt
Cause it was round the corner that I just bent
Not finding it where I thought it would be
A torrent of chaos swirling within me
No direction, no path, that I want to take
A nightmare that persists when i am awake

Empty within
A void I can not fill
No desire to win
My ghosts I can not kill

Am I giving up too soon? Are my battles unfought?
Am I letting go too easy of the happiness that I've got?
Is being hounded by questions reason enough
To lose my smiles and not to laugh
I have earned the place that I have in life
It's not come easy without struggle or strife
And I have to cross this one more hurdle
Not lug it around like a loathsome burden
Make this a journey like any other
Unknown destiny of an adventurer
Relish the possibilities that beckon my heart
And restore my spirit that's broken apart

Traveller alone
Who can hold me back?
Destination unknown
I shall make my own track

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unwarranted Greed

Things you have
That you don't need
But still you seek
To feed your greed
That junk because
Your peers possess
So You obsess
Or just so that
You can rave
Things they don't have
You hunt and crave
Needs driven by
Momentarily by
What's seen as hep
Your desires drain
Someone out there
Of what's really theirs
But do you care?
A kid who slogs
To make your jeans
For the lack of water
The slums unclean
The uprooted trees
To print your mails
A carbon roof built
Of your car exhales
But you know all this
These cliches you've heard
You deem the doomsayers
An alarmist herd
Not worth listening
So you drive down
To the mall
And the latest brown
Shades you buy
To stay in style
And heighten your sins
Overflowing pile.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rumour's Song

I fly far and wide on my outstretched wings
Helter and skelter perching on one and all
Like a raunchy wench I have many a fling
As I answer all summons of lovers who call

Benign is the whisper which begins the blames
I poison all targets which lie in my path
Soiling the solidity of established names
Baseless strength of my haphazard wrath

Willing to mutate as you want me to
To maim your opponent in your covert duel
Camouflaging the false with what is true
The harmless lie becomes deliciously cruel

Growing in scale with every tongue I touch
Tipping to unleash a tsunami of venom
Recoiling to fullest before packing a punch
To stagger the blissfully unaware victim

Am a weapon for whoever wants to use
I hunger for pain and sadistic joy
I have no scruples and no sides I choose
Morrow YOU could be trapped by my ploy

I thrive on your thirst for superstition
My vicious waters will have no end
Perpetrated by progenies with blind conviction
A rumour of yore becomes a legend

- Himanshu

Friday, July 4, 2008

Forced Metamorphosis

Born as a caterpillar.
Will I ever become a butterfly?
Am I too lowly for your love?
And too slimy for your eye?

Relentless your resolve
To change what I am.
You say it's for my best.
And I believe in your scam.

Struggling in my cell
My unworthy self I hide.
So that I become
Who you can truly pride.

If I had to die today
And Of me what you have seen.
Will you then have loved
So far what I have been?

Will you miss my yearning
To rid you of your grief?
Or will you rue the fact
Of things I didn't achieve?

Born as a caterpillar.
Will I ever become a butterfly?
Can you not see my beauty
If I crawl
...instead of fly?

- Himanshu

Comfort versus Happiness

Joint at the hip like a pair of twins
Take one and the other will come it seems
But like the lonely child of lovers asunder
I live with one without the other

Without asking myself what I really sought
I hammered away at my life that was fraught
With regrets and greeds of comforts I yearned
And while hunting my goal many things I spurned

Things that I thought were distractions in the way
The love and the happiness which though I craved
These things I thought would be there at my goal
Bundled with riches, or so I was told

But the joys that I thought were only there at the end
Were sprinkled in abundance on the path that I tread
The comforts I desired in a mindless quest
Made me blind to the pleasures that I possessed

The race that I run has no finish
Chasing the outcome I don't have to perish
I no longer seek happiness in the comforts that I want
My comfort pours instead from the happiness that I've got

- Himanshu